Don’t Turn Me Off!

Horror Short Film

 New York City Horror Film Festival 2017 

 Atlanta Horror Film Festival 2017 

 Monster Fest Melbourne 2017 

Don’t Turn Me Off! is a short horror film written and directed by Sean van Leijenhorst (Banshee, Woods). Shot over a period of 3 days with the extensive use of practical visual effects, the film aims at paying an hommage to the Hitchcockian school of suspense, as well as playing with some fun and modern twists on the recent horror trend.

When a woman terrified of a scary film she was watching decides to turn it off, the horror becomes all too real when a dark presence is unleashed in the house.

Two separate locations were needed to film all of the scenes. First, an actual studio set was used and decorated to give the opening scene the necessary look and feel of a 60s horror film. The rest of the scenes were then shot in a villa large enough to stand for two different houses in the film.

Bára Jánová (Hranice, Ordinace v růžové zahradě 2) and Eva Larvoire (Woods, Underworld: Blood Wars) lead a practically all-female cast.

Currently, Don’t Turn Me Off! is being entered to film festivals all over the world. A password-protected screener is available for interested individuals. You can apply for a password via





  • Short thriller project
  • 3 days interior studio shoot
  • Shot on RED Scarlet
  • Sound post-production by Sype Sound Studios



Director / Writer:

Sean van Leijenhorst


Bára Jánová
Eva Larvoire
Rashid Belt
Estelle Bogros


Cedric Larvoire

Music and Sound Design:

Jindřich Kravařík


Juan Carlos Herrera



Q2 2017