Our commercial projects aim to be exclusive and niche-targeted. While we are having multiple high-level brands in our list of commercial clients, we don’t shy away from creative low-budget productions for small independents and start-ups.
We are fluent in the latest media technology providing a large scope of potential products.

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Scholz & Friends



Sveriges Television


Rusty Lake


37th Degree

KonCon Royal Conservatoire

Iranian Film Festival in Prague

1 Spot - Production and Post-Production
ALPRO - Planet
1 Spot
ALPRO - Smoothie
1 Spot
ALPRO - Strawberry
1 Spot
ALPRO - Cereal
1 Spot
Danone - Animals Party - 3D
1 Spot
Danone - Magic Forest - 3D
1 Spot
Danone - Ice Train - 3D
1 Spot
SOČR - Prague Radio Symphonic Orchestra
1 Spot
Video and Photography Campaign
Invitation: Giorgio Armani - Films of City Frames
Fashion Brand Film
Gentle Monster - Wind Trace Forgotten
Fashion Brand Film
Austrian Chamber of Commerce
Motion Graphics
Fond dalšího vzdělávání
3 Spots


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