Fond dalšího vzdělávání

In cooperation with the Czech Ministry of Social Affairs, the European Social Fund and actor Roman Blumaier resident of the National Theater of Brno, The LAB created a series of 3 commercials for the “Fond dalšího vzdělávání”.

The goal was to shoot a simple humorous and potentially viral series to advertise the fund’s work that consists of providing high quality internships. Since the budget was very low we opted for a studio shooting and rented facilities at Studio 55 in Prague. We serviced a full crew, the complete production design and all the necessary equipment while making sure in the development phase that the budget is used to its maximum potential.

Producer: Martin Raiman
Cinematographer: Jesse Mickle
Art Director: Jitka Sivrova
Editor: Steve Reverand

Date: 2013


Fond dalšího vzdělávání
Q4 2013