Hranice (Borders)

Hranice (English: Borders) was our first film collaboration as The LAB. It was designed as a little in-house test project to confirm our potential for effective low-budget production. With a 2000 EUR budget, we heaved a 7-day shooting schedule. This included a night shoot at the České dráhy train yard and several days filming in the natural reserve of Divoká Šárka in Prague.

We chose a historic setting for the story in which we had to recreate the Czech communist 70s. In order to respect a certain historic accuracy, we hired military advisor Pavel Ulik who would also provide authentic uniforms and weapons of that time. The interiors were recreated from scratch according to original photographs.

This project might be a bit outdated, but we believe that it shows well what we can achieve with passion and basic financing. It is the root of our skills and ingenuity that drives us until today.

Czechoslovak Socialist Republic 1972 – After the Russian invasion, space for individualism and open speech is tight. A young couple feels, that their only chance is by escaping to the west.

Director / Writer: Martin Philipp Raiman
Cinematographer: Reiner J. Nagel
Music: Kahra Scott-James
Cast: Jan Hofman, Barbora Jánová, Petr Prager

Festival Nominations:

  • Gulf Film Festival 2012 – Official Competition