Antonin is a young miner. He is daydreamer and he would like to find a motivation to keep working in the mine. One day he notices a sun shape on the rice served in the lunchbox. It becomes a daily routine to see a new shape every lunch time.

Director/Writer: Demet Derelioğlu Aran
Cast: David Bowles, Frank Jicha
Director of Photography: Sakib Nazmus
Music: Guillaume Cochard-Lemoine
Colorist: David Havel
VFX: Lukasz Krawczyk
Sound Mixing: Sleepwalker s.r.o.

Main Festival Selections:


🏆 Brixia Film Festival (Italy) – BEST DIRECTOR
🏆 Changing Face International Film Festival (Australia) – BEST STUDENT SHORT
📽️ Unica Korea Film Festival (South Korea)
📽️ Adana Golden Boll Film Festival (Turkey)
📽️ Exit6 Film Festival (United Kingdom)