One of the slate projects in development for The LAB, Suru is to be directed by Anssi Korhonen.

On the night of her birthday party, novelist Katie Proxmire receives a phone call that her son, graduate student Joel, has died unexpectedly. Struck by this sudden loss, Katie’s life unravels. Seeking meaning in Joel’s death, Katie follows a series of increasingly bizarre and unsettling breadcrumbs following Joel’s studies linking a secret Amazonian ritual, transfiguration, and parallel planes of existence. As Katie’s obsession with Joel’s transportation to an alternate reality grows, her relationship with her husband Noah splinters. Desperate to reconnect with her son, Katie follows in his footsteps and performs the ritual. After the ritual, Katie sees signs she’s traveled into a parallel universe where her son is still alive. But just as life begins to come back to normal it falls apart as she struggles against slipping back into her universe, back into her reality.

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Director: Anssi Korhonen
Writer: Anssi Korhonen & Kyle Baughman
Producers: Steve Reverand, Martin Raiman

  • Selected for the 2020 European Genre Forum
  • Sitges Pitchbox 2021 – Special Mention
  • Filmmarket Hub Script Analysis – Excellent Script