“The short’s surprisingly good. Paradox nails the look […] No mean feat. What began as a simple room-escape series entered 2018 with Biblical references and leaves it with an audacious 20-minute short film.”


Paradox is INCREDIBLY well done and […] a wildly entertaining (and yes, unsettling) little film to watch. Seriously, set aside 20 minutes out of your day, […] and watch this uninterrupted in full screen mode. It’s fantastic.


“[…] Having seen some of the rushes from the shoot while out at GDC a few weeks ago, I can attest to the devoted that – wow – they’ve managed to nail the look and feel of the games.”


Created in collaboration with Amsterdam-based game developer Rusty Lake, The LAB Studios are proud to present Paradox: A Rusty Lake Film and Game experience.

We have worked tirelessly during the past year on creating a new class of engaging cross-media entertainment. The idea behind Paradox was to develop a new game and short film in parallel, both taking place in the critically-acclaimed Cube Escape universe. Intertwined with one another, they provide a unique experience for the millions of fans of the Rusty Lake game series, while also reaching out to millions of film enthusiasts around the globe.

During the entire creation process, The LAB Studios was the one-stop shop for Rusty Lake in the production of the film part. The result is a thrilling 19-minute movie that prides itself with accurately depicting the Rusty Lake universe and style. From script development, through production, post and mastering, The LAB Studios managed every step of the way – in house! Furthermore, The LAB Studios supported Rusty Lake with a multitude of supplemental services surrounding what would become an extraordinary successful Kickstarter campaign.

A great number of fans where part of the packed cinema premiere in Prague, where they not only had the chance to watch the film screened in beautiful cinema conditions, but also play the first chapter of the interconnected Cube Escape: Paradox title.

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Film launched on YouTube has 2.2 million views (1 million within 1st week) and 70.000 likes
5000+ comments overwhelmingly positive
Rusty Lake YouTube account reached 100.000 subscriber mark
Became most downloaded game of Rusty Lake with largest revenue
Kickstarter successful in 9 hours and more than doubled its original goal
The film is integrated into the game
1 year social media engagement potential for fans pre-launch
During launch top 3 new releases on Steam
Featured on the iOS AppStore / Google Play / Steam stores
Film selected in Festivals



Budget 70.000 EUR (5.000 Development/ 50.000 Production / 15.000 Post)

3 months of creative development with Rusty Lake

Mutual guidance of the film producers and the game developers through the film making and game making processes.

Customized alternative endings for the game experience

Professional photographer to document and create marketing material

Kickstarter media package support

Professional international cast & crew

Digital Cinema master output

Premiere and launch party in Cinema BIO|Oko Prague

Executive Producers Robin Ras & Maarten Looise

Produced by Martin Raiman & Steve Reverand

Written and directed by Sean van Leijenhorst

Director of Photography Cédric Larvoire

Production Designer Jitka Šívrová

Sound Design and Mixing Vojta Zavadil

Original Music Composed and Performed by Victor Butzelaar

2D VFX Supervisor David Havel

3D VFX Compositor Łukasz Krawczyk

David Bowles as Dale Vandermeer
Elena Kejvalová as Laura Vanderboom



Kickstarter goal reached in less than 10 hours

6 shooting days in a forest, at a lake and on a sound stage, in the Czech Republic

On-set practical special effects

Set design and constructions, costumes and masks

Recreate game assets in real life

3 months of in-house post-production

2D / 3D Compositing + on-set supervision




We can’t thank The LAB, the producers of our short film, enough to help us fulfilling our wish to translate our universe to the big screen. It was amazing to see what these guys could pull off in such short amount of time which such attention to details and planning in all stages of production. The high standards, creativeness, effort and all the energy they have put in creating this movie is from the same level we expect by making a Rusty Lake game but on a way bigger scale – and with way more things and people to deal with. They really went the extra mile for us by helping with our Kickstarter campagin, extra shots that were needed for the game and a very special premiere in Prague. We can’t wait to work with The LAB again for future movie projects!

Robin Ras, Co-founder of Rusty Lake



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